VultureWare DOCSIS Config Editor

VultureWare DOCSIS Config Editor 0.1

Accesses and configures the parameters of DOCSIS files
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Joe Votour

Manage DOCSIS data. Scan the system for compatible elements and open them with the built-in editor. Apply and combine various tools to browse, view and edit relevant content. The editor replaces pieces of written code as texts and creates copies for re-integration.

SNMP VarBinds (an OID plus a variable type and value) must be entered in octets. There is no support for using symbolic names (as specified in DOCSIS or vendor-specific MIB files).
Development appears to have been halted with the beginning of the DOCSIS 1.1 standard. Several DOCSIS 1.1 types are missing, and DOCSIS 2.0 support is non-existant.
The program window is a fixed size, with no way to resize it
There is no way to view the binary file that will be generated.
I know of only one (text-based) configuration editor for non-Windows operating systems

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